I was born and raised near the Popocateptl volcano in Mexico City. My roots extend from Mexico, Spain, Chile and Denmark. I come from a lineage of musicians, artists, writers and herbalists, my home life was filled with music and plant medicines. I’m a movement alchemist and creator of Lunar Rhythm- Dance Rituals. I am a student of plants a postpartum doula and mother. I reside with my family in Southern California where we host family farm gatherings, classes and healing circles.

I have a passion to share the magic of living life connected and in collaboration with nature’s cycles. My gift is dance and my passion is to feed people earth’s nourishing foods and medicines.   I am in devotion and in service to Gaia- our earth Mother, and committed to doing my part to activate a positive shift in our world.


Moving our bodies freely and creatively can bring about much healing as we reclaim our authentic expression. Dance is revealing. It is wild spirit made visible.

We are all here to embody spirit through our senses. I believe we are birthing a new vision for the earth and regenerating our relationship with her and with our bodies. Birthing is a downward spiral motion of energy moving towards our roots. Dance can awaken the wisdom in our wombs and help us remember our creative nature and magic. Dance is alchemical, we are turning our lead into gold.

Upcoming Class : Friday OCT 5th



Plant Allies for the Modern World

This is an invitation to explore and deepen our connection with nature.